The bestselling author of HAPPY and TRICKS OF THE MIND turns his back on the Stoics who informed his last book, in a new wonderfully wise and entertaining exploration of how we best live and grow.

There is a difference between happiness and living well. 

In his thoughtful and brilliant new book, Derren Brown, internationally bestselling author of HAPPY, considers the value of difficulty in our lives. Perhaps it is in those times when we are forced to cope with adversity that we find the most meaningful rewards. As he navigates middle age, love and small talk, he dispenses with self-help platitudes and wonders if perhaps we need to more comfortably embrace uncertainty. Is anxiety in fact a pointer for growth? 

In chapters that take us back to the scene of childhood humiliation, to lonely evenings on tour, to the high stress of a house move, Derren explores that when we feel most alone we are often most connected to others and the flow of life. Guiding us through the ideas of some of humanity's greatest thinkers, he asks if, rather than focusing on self-improvement, we might instead prioritise a better interaction with the people around us? Learn how to gather ourselves up when we need to and make sure we fully appear in our own lives, rather than watching from the sidelines?

In a book that is both deeply personal and profound, Derren reveals his own moments of anger and frustration, loneliness and loss, and finds surprising sources of consolation and compassion.

A Book of Secrets by Derren Brown