Guardians of Aotearoa: Protecting New Zealand's Legacies by Johanna Knox

Sometimes people, places, native plants and animals, cultural knowledge and memories have no one to speak for them, protect them, treasure them. Yet they often define what it is to be a New Zealander. That is when passionate and committed people step forward to advocate for them... and for us. This book celebrates those people, the guardians of Aotearoa, and the unique things that make up the past, present and future of our country. Johanna Knox has spent over two years seeking out, meeting and talking to 47 guardians from around New Zealand. The stories behind their passion are supported by beautiful images from photographer Jess Charlton. The diversity of ideas and the dedication of our `guardians' are truly inspirational and provide a fascinating insight into what we value as Kiwis, be it restoring New Zealand's waterways, promoting traditional Maori sports and games, nurturing New Zealand music and theatre, striving for equal access to health resources, or saving the country's birds of prey.

Guardians of Aotearoa: Protecting New Zealand's Legacies