How to navigate through different kinds of loss, drawing on personal experiences, practical suggestions and professional advice.

Written by two women who were bereaved at a young age It's Your Loss explores approaches to grieving loss to find the one that's right for you.

Any kind of loss - whether the death of a loved one, breakdown of a relationship, or loss of your job - can be devastatingly painful, leaving life feeling empty. Even subtle losses in life can trigger a sense of grief. But, loss is a natural part of life and can be a catalyst for new beginnings. By working through your emotions and taking time to heal and accept your loss, you will discover that it is also an opportunity to find new meaning and make positive changes in your life.

Emma Hopkinson and Robyn Donaldson believe that there is no right or wrong way to navigate loss, and explore their natural inclination to either keep their feelings in (Emma) or let them all out (Robyn), and expert commentary from a professional psychologist anchors their differing viewpoints in scientific fact.

By the time they've guided you to the end of the book, your grieving journey will be over, and you will be ready to move on with your life.

Its your Loss by Emma Hopkinson Robyn Donaldson